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Christian author, blogger, and podcaster passionate about using the art of storytelling to portray God's love.

"Now Go!" — Exodus 4:11-12

About Jenna

Jenna Van Mourik is the author of the Biblical fiction novel Jerusalem’s Daughter, which was published in 2021. She graduated magna cum laude from California Baptist University with a B.A. in English. Today, she balances writing novels, recommending books on her blog, and encouraging others to pursue God in everyday life through her podcast, "Now Go! with Jenna Van Mourik." Connect with her on Instagram @jennavanmourik.

Books, Journals, and Bible Studies

Books by Jenna Van Mourik

The Podcast

Do you know how many times God tells people to "go" in the Bible? From the time of Noah when God told him to go into the ark, to the time of the Great Commission when Jesus told His followers to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations, the phrase "Go" or "Now go" appears frequently. We serve a living God, who is still calls each of us to go and be a part of His mission. Through sharing her stories and experiences, Jenna hopes she can continue to inspire others to also live what she now refers to as a "Now Go!" lifestyle. "Now Go! with Jenna Van Mourik" is the perfect podcast for readers and writers of Christian fiction, as well as those just looking for something to encourage them in their walk with God. 

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The Blog

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Biblical Fiction Buffs

Biblical Fiction Buffs is an online book club and discussion group on Instagram dedicated to connecting readers and fans of Biblical fiction. Its purpose is to not only enjoy great books together, but to also study books alongside the Bible and see what wonderful truths God reveals through storytelling.

The book club itself is a quarterly book club, with four designated reads throughout the year: a spring book (Mar.-May), summer book (Jun.-Aug.), fall book (Sept.-Nov.), and winter book (Dec.-Feb.). Throughout each season, not only will you find engaging discussion about books and scripture; it's also a great place to search for recommendations, participate in fun challenges and giveaways, and meet community of people who love the same things you do. God, Bible study, and books!


If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in being a part of, then come and check out our page and consider following along!

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