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“Judah’s Wife” by Angela Hunt || Review

When you write a book that takes place in what we Christians call, “The Silent Years,” there’s so much room for creativity, freedom, and possibility in the story. Angela Hunt has, once again, not disappointed me.

Being that I know next to nothing about the Maccabees, or Judah Maccabaeus, I was quite happy to absorb the stories into my mind and relish each word on every single page throughout the novel, and fill in the gaps of what I did not know what the bit of fact mixed into the fiction

Of course, being completely unfamiliar with the story of Judah Maccabaeus, meant that I would be totally unprepared for the emotional and spiritual journey that I was about to embark on. The passion and the pain; the hope and the heartbreak.

One of the things I love most about Angela Hunt’s books is her ability to use multiple point-of-views to tell the same story. Two people can experience the same thing or have the same conversation, but take away completely different meanings from it. I may say something positive to you, but you might only hear the negative in my words, and vice-versa. Such is the case with Judah’s Wife.

Judah and his fictional wife Leah, like all couples I know, struggle to communicate. Anyone who has ever been too shy to approach a difficult subject, or left the room during a conversation preferring the silence to a difficult conversation, knows what I’m talking about. It can be difficult to converse with your spouse about something in your relationship, especially if it’s awkward or painful. Rifts in communication often result in errors in judgement. Such is the case here.

It doesn’t help that Leah has spent all her life under the thumb (or fist) of those who would curse her and abuse her. Surrounded by despair, she cannot even fathom why this “Judah the hammerhead” has yet to unleash his wrath upon her. Judah, unknowing of this, can’t even begin to understand why she is so reserved and withdrawn whenever they are together. All he wants is her love, and she doesn’t even know what that is. Will Leah ever discover what it means to love? Or will she be too late?

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that this entire novel is set during a terrible, terrible war? Judah, the captain and natural born leader, may always return victorious from the battlefield. However, whenever he returns home to his wife, he faces another kind of battle. No sword nor military training could possibly have prepared him from the wounds his wife would inflict upon him (both literally and figuratively).

A historical drama like none other, Judah’s Wife is a must read for all diehard Biblical fiction fans. It is the second part in Angela Hunt’s “The Silent Years” series, preceded by Egypt’s Sister and followed by Jerusalem’s Queen.

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