Jerusalem's Daughter

Generations of Faith, Book One

"Your words have power, Shamira."

Follow Shamira's journey and experience the Passion Week as she searches for the Messiah in the heart of first-century Jerusalem.

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Having grown up in the impoverished Lower City of Jerusalem, Shamira is no stranger to injustice at the hands of the Pharisees. Her family is shunned by many in the Jewish community who believe that their misfortune in life is the result of a secret sin. Rumors are spreading of a nearby healer with incredible abilities; if the stories are true, then the Messiah may be near, and Shamira will stop at nothing in the pursuit of a miracle.


Asa spends every day at the temple under the tutelage of his strict father, an elite Levite priest who enforces the laws without mercy. Between the growing demands of the Roman government and the threats of the Zealots, tensions are high. When Shamira, the girl who stole his heart years ago, asks him to help her find the healer called Jesus, he must choose to either follow in his father’s footsteps or forge his own path.


Shamira knows that both her life and the lives of her loved ones could be changed forever, but only if she can find a way to speak to the man called Jesus of Nazareth before it’s too late.

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Moments of Faith in the Gospels

A Companion Bible Study for Jerusalem's Daughter

"Faith in God and Jesus is a faith that moves."

Explore the faith of the early believers and followers of Jesus while deepening your own in this 7-day Bible study and reading plan.

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Moments of Faith in the Gospels is a companion Bible study and 7-day reading plan for Jerusalem's Daughter, the Biblical fiction novel by Jenna Van Mourik.


Fans of Biblical fiction and Christian fiction will enjoy combining their pleasure reading with enriching scriptural study. Each day includes suggested readings (both from the Bible and from the novel), short devotionals, and questions for further reflection on the material. 

This study is available in both a print edition (with a full-color paperback cover) and a free digital version.

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