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Books, Journals, and Bible Studies

Books by Jenna Van Mourik

Jerusalem's Daughter

Having grown up in the impoverished Lower City of Jerusalem, Shamira is no stranger to injustice at the hands of the Pharisees. Her family is shunned by many in the Jewish community who believe that their misfortune in life is the result of a secret sin. Rumors are spreading of a nearby healer with incredible abilities; if the stories are true, then the Messiah may be near, and Shamira will stop at nothing in the pursuit of a miracle.


Asa spends every day at the temple under the tutelage of his strict father, an elite Levite priest who enforces the laws without mercy. Between the growing demands of the Roman government and the threats of the Zealots, tensions are high. When Shamira, the girl who stole his heart years ago, asks him to help her find the healer called Jesus, he must choose to either follow in his father’s footsteps or forge his own path.


Shamira knows that both her life and the lives of her loved ones could be changed forever, but only if she can find a way to speak to the man called Jesus of Nazareth before it’s too late.

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Antioch's Daughter

The Messiah changed her life, but now her life is in danger. Antioch’s Daughter, book two in the Generations of Faith series, follows Libi and her family as they are scattered across the ancient world after the stoning of Stephen and persecution of believers in Jerusalem. Years later, loss, betrayal, love, and interactions with the mysterious newcomer called Cassius test her faith. Saul, a persecutor from her past, re-emerges in Antioch just as she is starting to feel comfortable, forcing Libi to confront doubts she didn’t know she carried. How far does grace go, and will she have the strength to find out?

Reading Journals

Utilize the decorative pages of these whimsical journals to record bookish details and review up to fifty books! What's inside:

  • All the Lists You'll Need: Make a quick-reference Master List of what you read (up to fifty books). Include small details like the title, author, dates read, and overall rating out of ten. Utilize the T.B.R. List (To-Be-Read

  • List) to write down the books you want to read next, and check them off as you go! Finally, create the ultimate Bookish Goals Listto keep track of any objectives that you want to complete.

  • Favorite Book Quotes: Create and color in a decorative fifteen-page wall of bookish quotes you discover that inspire you or challenge you.

  • Book Reviews: Fill in details across two-pages for each book you read that will help you remember what you liked, what you didn't like, and more. Each review is numbered to correspond with the Master List (up to fifty books) for even better organization!

  • Extra Pages: Be as creative as you like! These dotted pages are perfect for any extra notes or personalized sections you'd like to add.

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Spiritual Journals

From the time of Noah when God told him to go into the ark, to the time of the Great Commission when Jesus told His followers to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations, the phrase "Go" or "Now go" appears well over a thousand times in the Bible. We serve a living God, who is still calls each of us to go and be a part of His mission.

In 2017, Jenna felt called by God to go and create an online blog where she could share uplifting book recommendations and encourage others. After years of trusting God and following His leading every step of the way, she published her own debut novel, Jerusalem's Daughter, in 2021. Through these experiences, she hopes she can continue to inspire others through her writing, social channels, and podcast to also live a "Now Go!" lifestyle and follow God's leading with confidence.

The Now Go! Prayer Journal and Scripture Journal are easy-to-use tools that will help you write down your prayers, journal your thoughts on Scripture, add updates as time goes on, and remind you in every circumstance to always pray first, because God is listening.

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