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The Heart Between Us || Review


The Heart Between Us by Lindsay Harrel was perhaps one of the best gifts I have received this year (I’m still holding out that someone will buy me a Barnes & Noble for Christmas)! When my father was in town recently he offered to buy me a book (THANKS DAD!), and after five laps around the store, this was the one that I settled on!

Let me summarize the plot for you! Megan Jacobs has always struggled with her heart. Three years after her transplant, and she’s still in recovery! But she has a lot more to recover from than just her lifelong illness. Now she’s on a mission to travel the world and complete the bucket list that belonged to her heart donor. While she’s certainly seeing a lot of sites and learning a lot about the world, she’s also learning what it means to trust God, how to mend broken relationships, and the true meaning of joy. In the midst of all of that, she tries to simultaneously fix things with her estranged sister, as well as get back in touch with her friend from the hospital (her extremely attractive friend, I might add!!!). How far will Megan travel in order to find healing?

You can read more about the book HERE.

Now, onto my review!

This book was a heart-racing, sweet romance, globe-trotting adventure that explores so many different themes, important issues, and tough topics in a tactful way! We’ve all been damaged in some way. We all might consider ourselves “broken,” whether we’re broken from an extreme illness, or from something else. But God has the power to fix all of us, whether you need an actual heart transplant, or a metaphorical one.

Or if your relationships need major reconstructive surgery.

Or if you’re trapped by your past, stuck, paralyzed, and unable to move forward.

This book was amazing, and I highly recommend it! If you want to hear more about this book, beyond what I have posted here in my review, be sure to go and check out my SPOILER FREE discussion of this book, posted to my YouTube channel!

If YOU’RE participating in Book-Tube-A-Thon 2018, I’ll be seeing you A LOT come July 30th! Until then, happy reading!

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